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Coaching Services with THPC

The coaching services listed below are arranged in components that riders have asked for, but can also be mixed and matched to suit the circumstances of individuals or teams. 


If nothing listed here quite matches what you want, please contact me for a discussion or send me a mail.  

1:1 Coaching Support

This is the premium service and so it is rationed to a manageable number of riders at any one time.  Time is spent getting to know the rider and working out goals, abilities and areas for development.  It is conducted through regular phone and e-mail contact and where possible, face to face meetings.  As a 1:1 rider, we may meet depending on your location or you may travel to my venue for in depth coaching meetings, particularly in the first three months.  

Please note that this service is modelled on six months of intensive contact, followed by three to six months of maintenance contact.  My experience tells me that riders are usually self-sufficient after a year. Continuation might be based on a special project or goal for the rider.


Note: this regular service includes the field testing, bike position, data analysis and applied training session services detailed below*.  For clients outside of a 50-mile radius of Durham, I provide a test & position review day at a mutually agreed venue to suit; or I will advise on local services to support the rider.  


Price: £150 pcm *I charge reasonable expenses for travel outside of the Durham City area.   

Bespoke Technique & Skill Coaching

This service is open to single riders, teams, clubs or other groups.  Riders will be able to develop their expertise in actually riding a bike.  Depending on the work being done, a closed cycling circuit or an open road ride could be used.  As per the title, this service is subject to negotiation and will typically include a number of sessions leading to an outcome or goal.  Perhaps you and your friends want to ride a big challenge sportive, or you wish to improve your times? We know from creating the next generation of bike racers that good technique is worth as much as fitness and power. Impressive power outputs are useless if you can't go round corners quickly!


An example here would be to hire me to lead a track session at a velodrome for your club or group.  I have coached and ridden at Manchester and Glasgow indoor velodromes. These facilities insist upon a Level 2 track coach being present.  I would prepare the day and liaise with the velodrome and the client to ensure that everyone has a good experience in a safe track environment.  


Price: Typically £100 per 4 hours (half day)

Mesocycle Training Plans

For those looking for a regulated approach to their training or those who prefer to compare their own approach with one developed by a coach, mesocycle training plans aim to provide a planned period of training tailored to your needs.  

By definition, the work to produce these plans comes at the start with coach:rider communication to agree the goals and time available.  Then a plan is produced with sufficient flexibility for a rider to follow and adapt to cope with life's many twists and turns.  It stops short of regular contact, though the rider can receive limited support.  Typically a plan will last for three months, aiming to reach a set of rider defined (but coach advised) goals.  


Price: £150 for a 3 month plan.

Computrainer Field Testing

I provide a testing service which is known as field testing, using the CompuTrainer test rig.  It is a very robust home trainer (and so portable) with a load generator attached to provide resistance controlled from computer software.  The tests vary between maximal ramp in watts at varying degrees of slope, power repeat tests for maximal sprints and repeatabilty, spin scan to test the output of each leg working together; and sub-maximal testing against previously known values.  

Field testing is a level below laboratory testing, but I will help you both prepare for your test to arrive in the same state of recovery each time and create similar test conditions to reduce variability.  The CompuTrainer has long been the standard ergo rig and some University sports laboratories either use this or the Velotron model.  

Your results are delivered as an Excel file with the full test in raw data and a graph.  I also provide a summary analysis. With successive tests, we can plot your progress.  


Price: £60 for first test and £40 thereafter - package prices available: e.g. full year of four tests for £150.  

Bike Position 

Bike position is crucial to safe, comfortable and efficient cycling.  Without this, riders are less able to handle their bike well, experience a lack of confidence to perform manoeuvres at pace and fatigue earlier than they should.  In extreme cases, pain and long-term damage to the body can result from riding a poorly-fitting bike.  

My service is about getting your bike to fit.  I can advise on bike sizing, but most often I find that I'm called upon to adjust a rider's position.  This may mean some equipment changes and additional expense for the rider.  I have set riding positions for road, time-trial and cyclo-cross on many occasions.  I do not use a proprietary system, I believe in trying to achieve a sound balance on the bike using my own approach as a starting point; then adapting this to achieve the best solution.  For example, using a wind tunnel to achieve a good TT position is an excellent, if expensive tool, but even with this we lack the conditions found in most UK time trials - strong, variable winds, rain and poor surface conditions.  Therefore an "optimal" positon in the wind tunnel may not be the most effective position.  


My approach includes taking the time to get this right and doing so over a number of consultations as necessary.  You get a measurement chart to use in subequent bike upgrades and as a record of where you are at the point of the fit.  


Price: £100, expenses charged if I travel to you outside of the Durham City area.  

Applied Training Sessions

You have a specific need for advice on training, either physical, tactical or technical.  I work with riders to quickly assess what training input will help and write a session plan to suit our agreed approach.  I provide 14 days "aftercare" to ensure that the training is suitably tailored and likely to be beneficial.  Advice is given on how and when to use the input. 


Price: £50, expenses charged for consultation travel outside of the Durham City area.  

Training Data Analysis

Today's cycling environment is data rich and analysis poor!  I can provide an analysis on a training session or number of sessions to aid understanding of performance.  I can accept the majority of file types and produce analysis in Excel format, with a overview report.  


Price: £50 - £100 per analysis, dependent upon the task as negotiated with the rider.    

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