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Tony Hodgson Performance Coaching

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The coaching services listed here can also be mixed and matched to suit the circumstances of individuals or teams. 


Contact me for a discussion and more detail.   

1:1 Coaching Support

This is my premium service, limited to a manageable number of riders.  


  • ​Typically 6-9 months 
  • Refinement period to 12 months
  • Special projects undertaken
  • Includes access to other services at preferential rates.


Price: £150 per calendar month, followed by £80 pcm for the maintenance period by negotiation. I maintain a waiting list for this service.  


Technique & Skill Coaching

Good technique is worth as much as fitness and power. Technical sessions are available for single riders, teams, clubs or other groups, possibly leading to a goal such as a big sportive or just for improvement.  Prepared using my long experience of developing youth, junior and adult riders.

Examples include: 


  • Riding in a race bunch or organised group
  • Track riding on a velodrome
  • Conditioning class
  • Cyclo-cross skills 


Price: Typically £100 per 4 hours (half day)

Mesocycle Training Plans

For those looking for regulated and repeatable training or to try a new approach, mesocycle training plans provide a step forward.  This service includes:


  • coach profiling of rider
  • goal setting
  • production of a 3-month plan and refinement
  • support in development and trial period.

Price: £150 for a 3 month plan.

Computrainer Field Testing

Long experience in field performance testing using a CompuTrainer test rig.  Service includes: 


  • Production of your results
  • Basic analysis of heartrate and power outputs 
  • Summary recommendations
  • Linked test package to track progress.  

Price: £60 for first test and £40 thereafter - package prices available: e.g. full year of four tests for £150.  

Bike Position 

Bike position is crucial to safe, comfortable and efficient cycling.  My service is about getting rider and bike to fit. My approach includes taking the time to get this right.  This includes: 


  • Rider record card showing all measurements
  • Video or photo record
  • Review.


Price: £100, reasonable travel expenses charged if at your location.  

Applied Training Sessions

Service for riders with a specific need for input on training, either physical, tactical or technical.  This includes:


  • Written assessment of training need
  • Production of session plan
  • 14 days aftercare to refine the training.


Price: £50, expenses charged for consultation travel outside of the Durham City area.  

Training Data Analysis

Are you data rich and analysis poor?  My service provides an analysis on a training session or number of sessions to aid understanding of your performance.  I can accept the majority of file types and produce analysis in Excel format, with a overview report.  


Price: £50 - £100 per analysis, dependent upon the task as negotiated with the rider.    

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